Ant Removal Beaverton

Ant Removal

Ant Removal Beaverton
Ants are notoriously difficult to get rid of once they take hold in your home or office. They can get in through the smallest of crevices and they reproduce prolifically. Once they are in, they can spoil foods and contaminate surfaces where you aren’t even aware they have been. Family Home Pest Control offers fast, efficient pest control service including ant removal in Beaverton and the surrounding Portland Metro area.

When you’ve seen one ant, there are probably thousands nearby that you don’t see!

Not only do ants spread bacteria and eat up stored food, they can also be damaging to building materials. Our experienced pest control technicians know where to look for ants, how to identify them, and can tailor the right treatment for the type of ants you have around.

Why call for removal today?

Here are just a few of the negative impacts ants can have:Ant Removal Beaverton

  • Many ants sting or bite.
  • Ants contaminate stores of food.
  • They can quickly take over a yard, patio, or other outdoor areas, making it hard to enjoy the space.
  • Ants move seeds, disrupting gardening and lawn-growing efforts.
  • Ants can destroy plants by eating away at them.
  • Ants can chew through rubber, fabric, and insulation.
  • Certain ants eat away at wood, leaving behind the need for expensive repairs.
  • Ants crawl over bacteria-ridden items, such as animal feces, and then carry that bacteria inside where they crawl on counter tops, food items, dishes, and more.

Efficient Ant Removal in Beaverton

Our professional ant removal technicians do a complete search of your home and premises, inspecting the spaces where ants live, eat, and breed. Once identified, our proven ant removal products and methods will get rid of them and keep them gone!

Call today to schedule your ant removal in Beaverton or the surrounding Portland Metro area.

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