Ant Removal Gresham

Ant Removal

Ant Removal Gresham Ant Removal Gresham
Ant colonies can be notoriously difficult to locate. Carpenter ants are active at night, so many people are unaware of their destructive presence in their home. Odorous ants, often called sugar ants, appear out of nowhere and quickly infest food stores before you know what happened.

Family Home Pest Control has specially trained technicians who can root out the colony’s nest and provide complete, effective ant removal in Gresham and the surrounding cities.

As a locally-owned and operated pest control service, we care about doing a good job for our neighbors in the community. We take special care to keep our customer’s homes free of ants with targeted products and methods. Ants can spread bacteria and carpenter ants can hasten structural damage by increasing moisture in already decaying wood. If you see a single ant, call for ant removal as there will be many nearby that you don’t see yet.

Get Effective Ant Removal in Gresham

Why do you need ant removal?

Ants can have a serious impact on your home and health:

  1. Many kinds of ants bite or sting.
  2. Ants can contaminate large amounts of food in cabinets and pantries.
  3. Ants invade outdoor spaces, making playing in your yard or relaxing on lawn furniture difficult.
  4. Few people know that ants can disrupt gardening and landscaping by moving and removing seeds.
  5. Certain kinds of ants eat leaves, causing damage to plants.
  6. Wood-destroying ants create costly damage to homes.
  7. Ants crawl over any type of material, dragging around the bacteria they pick up once they enter your kitchen or other surfaces of your home.

Don’t wait to find out the hard way that you have an ant invasion. Call us and let an experienced professional exterminator assess the insects in and around your home. Our thorough inspection will find their source and our proven methods will get rid of the problem.

Ant Removal Gresham


Call now for ant removal in Gresham and the surrounding Greater Portland Metro area.