Exterminator Beaverton

Exterminator Beaverton


When you call a pest control service, you want to speak with someone who is experienced at identifying the type of insects you have and is able to tailor a solution to your needs. At Family Home Pest Control we have over four decades of exterminator experience, going back to 1975. As your exterminator in Beaverton, we provide both residential and commercial services by certified technicians you can count on for methods that specifically address your pest problem.

Our hand-selected exterminators complete a thorough inspection of your home. They accurately identify the insect and rodent activity you have inside and outside your home or business, as well as the severity of the infestation. We offer a report and a transparent estimate of our suggestions. We will never pressure you, but will help you understand exactly what type of pests you have around.

In addition to ridding your home of the rodents or insects you have around, our knowledgeable technicians utilize systems of interrupting their reproduction. We locate the source of the problem and have the products and understanding to ensure they are wiped out both where they feed and where they breed.

Trusted Exterminator in Beaverton

Exterminator Beaverton
We offer multiple packages for our exterminator services and help you find the right one to fit your budget and your needs. Our exterminators take the time to describe what we find as well as inform you on the potential hazards of the particular pests identified. Many insects and rodents carry bacteria and allergens and have the potential for destroying large amounts of food in your pantry, pet food, and other stored items.

We guarantee our work so you can feel good about using our exterminator in Beaverton. Customer care is a large part of why we have done so well for four decades!

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