Pest Control Lake Oswego

Pest Control Lake Oswego

Pest Control

When you need absolute pest control in Lake Oswego, you need Family Home Pest Control.

Our pest control service has been providing the most comprehensive pest control in Lake Oswego for over 38 years. Utilizing customized solutions ensures that your needs are met and your pests are eliminated. Our technicians are all certified and have extensive training in all manner of pest control.

We also serve any number of properties from single-family homes to apartment buildings. No matter how close your neighbors are, we’ve got a method for getting rid of your pest. We also service commercial properties. These include sensitive workplaces like restaurants, hotels, and medical buildings.

Your Complete Pest Controller

There are any number of pests in Lake Oswego that require control. We’ve got the equipment and the know how to end your pest problem for good. Pest control services include:Pest Control Lake Oswego

  • Rodent Pest Control – Whether it is rats or mice, Family Home Pest Control is adept at comprehensive rodent removal. We can help you secure your home from further invasion at the same time we permanently remove your current unwanted guests.
  • Spider Pest Control – Spiders are especially prevalent during winter months. This is often the time when homeowners make frequent trips to basement and attic areas as well. This increased the likelihood of encountering a poisonous spider. We can help safely remove spider nests and eggs that may spring up when other insect problems occur. The more there is for a spider to eat, the more they congregate.
  • Roach Pest Control – Roaches can cause allergies and contaminate food. Though the roach species in Washington is smaller and more difficult to see, they are still hardy and require careful skill to eliminate entirely.
  • Bed Bug Pest Control – With bed bug incidents continually on the rise, and travel becoming a risk, it’s more important than ever to have a trusted pest control expert on your side. We have a variety of treatment methods in the event you suffer a bed bug infestation.
  • Flea Pest Control – Fleas are one of the most insidious pests. You rarely notice you have them until your pet starts itching and you start getting bit. One of the best preventative measures is to use a flea treatment on your pets, but this isn’t always effective. There are several strains of fleas. We have unique methods for dealing with each. They can reproduce very quickly and our pest control tactics address this issue.
  • Ant Control – Ants are a pain year round. Call us if you simply can’t get rid of yours.

We offer even more services, so when you need Pest Control in Lake Oswego, OR call or Contact Family Home Pest Control today.

Lake Oswego, OR

The beautiful small town of Lake Oswego, OR surrounds Lake Oswego and is a ritzy sleeping community located close to Portland. This proximity give citizens of Lake Oswego, OR access to a wonderful job pool and incredible venues.

This includes favorites like the Portland Art Museum. With set exhibits and a rotating series that features artists from around the globe and those in residency, there’s always something new for Lake Oswego, OR residents to see. The Orgeon Zoo is close at hand as well. With animal filled exhibits that span all manner of environment and a summer concert series, those who call Lake Oswego, OR home are never lacking for activities.