Rodent Removal Portland

Rodent removal Portland

Rodent Removal

When you need rodent removal in Portland it can help to be informed about what you’re encountering, so call our pest control service today. A rodent is a gnawing mammal of an order (Rodentia) that includes mice and rats in the Northwest. Rodents have an amazing ability to adapt themselves to different environments.

There are two different types of rats that commonly require rodent removal in Portland. One is the Norway rat, and the other is a roof rat. They are able to both coexist in the same structure but most of the time, the Norway rat is a little bit more aggressive and even aggressive towards roof rats. That is considered the reason that roof rats are typically forced up high in structures if there other rats present.

Rodents all gnaw at things in order to wear down their front teeth. Their teeth continue to grow all the time. If they don’t wear them down by chewing on things, their teeth will grow around in a circle and kill them. There is also the possibility that with their teeth too long, they will be unable to eat and then die of starvation as well.

How Can Rodent Removal Benefit Your Home?

Quite often rodents are one of the reasons that homes and vehicles end up having things that don’t work in them occasionally because the rodents will chew on wiring and or pipes. Many times if they chew into a 110-volt wire in a structure, the rodent will be killed but the lights also won’t work, or some other utility. On one occasion some folks came home to find their whole lower-level brand-new hardwood floor completely flooded. Rats had chewed into the dishwasher supply line while they were gone on vacation, and caused a water leak. Professional rodent removal in Portland could have prevented this tragedy.

Droppings and scratching sounds in the structure during the night can indicate a rodent issue, it is very important to get rodents removed right away. Rodents are known to carry disease. There is a deadly virus called the hantavirus that is carried by numerous different types of rats and mice. It is usually present in the urine and droppings. Professional rodent removal services can safely remove dead rodents, but if you decide to do it alone take precautions. Due to the carrying of disease, it is really important to only handle dead rodents or cleanup droppings with gloves and breathing equipment it in place.

Rodents Commonly Found In The Portland Area

In Portland, OR, and the remaining northwest, the rodents we find most common in cases of pest control are house mice, deer mice, Norway rats, and roof rats. Mice are small and usually have brownish or gray bodies, with long tails and pointed noses. They are scavengers who like to stay hidden, so they are often hard to spot and extremely hard to catch. Rats are similar to mice, but medium in size. Their habits are also similar, in that they stay hidden and will scavenge for food and shelter when there are no people around, making them difficult to find.

A sign of rodents is droppings, gnawing marks on wires or other objects, and urine, which attract other rodents. Rodents can also be a health risk because they often carry diseases, which can be spread through their droppings, or through food that is left out. Their habit of chewing on wires is also dangerous and costly, which is why you should call a professional exterminator for rodent removal at the first sign of rodents in your home. If you see only one, it is very likely there are more.

Comprehensive Rodent Control

Rodent removal PortlandIt is extremely difficult for a homeowner to get rid of their rodent problem on their own for many reasons. First of all, mice and rats are extremely fast and good at hiding. They can go months without being noticed, giving them plenty of time to build nests and start a family in the walls of your home. Another reason is because they can be dangerous.

Catching rodents can pose a threat to your health because they are unsanitary and may bite or scratch you, spreading disease and making you sick. So ditch the old-fashioned mousetraps and give us a call today, so a professional exterminator can get rid of them for good. At Family Home Pest Control, our expert technicians have lots of experience in dealing with rodents, so we can ensure you a much more comfortable and safe home after receiving rodent removal services. For comprehensive rodent removal in Portland, Call (503) 452-9965 or Contact Family Home Pest Control today.

In addition to our rodent removal services we also provide ant, bed bug, cockroach, and bee removal services!

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