Customer Testimonials

We specialize in making your home rodent and insect free. Our team of professionals know the steps that need to be taken to make your home pest free. Please contact our professional team with any questions regarding our services.

Brandon D.

I worked in an older building where we had a real rodent problem. We called Family Home Pest Control, they came out that day and figured out a detailed plan for us. Within a week we didn’t see a mouse. It was a total transformation.

Carol S.

My house had been infested with spiders. We tried the sprays that you get from the store and nothing worked. We decided to call Family Home Pest Control and they helped us get back to living without spiders in our bath tubs. A big thanks to them!

Jim B.

I was really impressed with this company and the quality of service. I had issues with carpenter ants and they came out the same day! I was so relieved the ants were gone I slept much better from that day forward.

Sunny B.

Dear Family Home Pest Control Team,You have provided the utmost in quality service and have gone above and beyond the call of duty to rid our home of pests. The program you have us on for Carpenter ant control is working great! We cannot thank you enough for your service. We will continue to refer you to our family and friends. God Bless.

Susanne and Jonathan P.

Thank you! You have all been very helpful and we greatly appreciate the excellent service you provide on all accounts!

Stacey D.

Thank you so much for working with me on these pest issues and coming out so quickly. I was really impressed with your company and the quality of service. I will sleep much better at night knowing those pests are gone.

Jon G.

My problem was solved with one phone call. I didn’t even have to take time out of my day to leave work and run home. Family Home Pest Control was fast, efficient, thorough, gave me an extremely reasonable price…and the people I spoke to were friendly and accommodating, too. And when I got home from work that night, the yellow jacket nest was gone. It may have been the easiest solution I’ve found to a problem all year (maybe five years). Thanks.

Laura G

I just wanted to take the time today to especially thank you for your serviced. I am very pleased and you have exceeded my expectations regarding the treatment for Small Odorous house ants. Thank you so much! Great Service, Great Company.


Great experience and highly recommend Family Home Pest Control. They responded immediately to a web/email request, and talked on the phone several times with me to help determine the right approach. They also made it very easy for me, as a Landlord, to work with my tenant to schedule services. Further, they made it easy to do business with – online forms, credit card, etc. In addition to all of this – they use people and pet friendly products, and are very honest. In the past, I’ve used the bigger companies and the experience was nowhere as good as with Family Home Pest Control.

V Jones

We had a swarm of honeybees that moved into our attic. After we had tried many bee keepers to come and get them (since we didn’t want to kill them) John came out and he climbed up in the attic and put some stuff in the attic to kill them from that direction, then he went out and put something outside as well. We have not seen a single honeybee since the evening he came and took care of them. It was a good experience from start to finish. I had called John on Thursday and he called me back shortly thereafter. He gave me a range for what it would cost over the phone. I called over the weekend and left a message, he returned my call on Sunday afternoon. Monday he came out, after 6:00 to see what needed to be done and then actually performed the work that evening.

Melissa B

Jon and team were thorough and very nice! They explained what they found and treated right away. Thank you for great service!

Lee in Beaverton

The company treated the exterior of my house for ants, spiders, and slugs. The company met with me as soon as possible after I called. The representative was extremely knowledgeable and thorough. He did a walk around of the house and confirmed his initial estimate, which he left in writing. He returned to perform the work himself as scheduled, but as it happened no one was home at the time. The billing was performed as I requested. Since the treatment we have had no more problems with ants, spiders and slugs. I conclude that the treatment was effective.The representative indicated that the treatment should be effective through the summer, although the warranty is for two months. I expect to have the company return if needed this year, and certainly next year. Overall I was very pleased with all aspects of my experience.