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Ant Removal

Ant Removal TualatinAnts are one of those pests that, when you’ve seen one, there are probably many thousands nearby. A queen ant continuously lays eggs, producing thousands of eggs in a single day. This fast reproduction quickly increases the size of a colony, creating a constant need to locate more food.

Unfortunately, a person’s home or business is often a preferred source of food and moisture for ants to feed on. Family Home Pest Control has offered ant removal in Tualatin and the surrounding metro area for over 40 years. Call today for proven pest control service in your home or office.

In Oregon and the Greater Northwest, there are 2 main categories of ants that plague homes: carpenter ants, and odorous ants.

Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants don’t actually eat wood, but they chew away at it in order to make a nest. They begin using wood that is already moist and may be rotting, like is sometime common in crawl spaces. Once they make a home in this softer, damaged wood, they will spread into healthy wood as they continue to expand the nest. In addition to chewing up the wood, the moisture these ants collect, even in previously healthy wood, creates the perfect environment for mold, which further damages the wood. The damage can wind up costing a homeowner thousands of dollars to repair.

Odorous Ants

Odorous ants are the type often seen inside a home, especially in areas like the kitchen. They are also commonly seen coming up through cracks in the sidewalk or driveway. These smaller ants are attracted by the smallest crumb, and once they find it, they go back to the nest and send in hundreds more to continue to seek out food. Odorous ants spread bacteria over tables, counters, and other surfaces where food is prepared, often without the homeowner’s knowledge. They also find their way into cabinets and pantries where food is stored and can spoil hundreds of dollars’ worth of food in a single day.

Effective Ant Removal in Tualatin

Our experienced exterminators know where to look to root out the source of an ant colony. They are able to identify the type of ants in and around your home and customize a specific plan for their removal. Ant removal may require multiple visits, and we let you know how often regular visits should occur. Our pest control professionals take the time to explain what they have found as well as their suggestion for an effective treatment.

We offer upfront estimates, with no hidden fees. We are honest and straightforward with our customers. Our proven pest control methods and excellent customer care is what has given us such a positive reputation over the last 4 decades.


Ant Removal Tualatin

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