Exterminator Tualatin


Exterminator Tualatin

When you have seen one, there are many more you don’t see in the immediate area. That is the truth with most pests from ants and roaches to mice and other rodents. What’s worse is that you may not see them at all.

Insects and vermin make easy access into food pantries, cabinets where dishes are kept, into bedding, and many other places where they leave behind bacteria, allergens, urine, feces, and shedding. In this case, “what you don’t know can’t hurt you” is definitely not a true adage.

Family Home Pest Control has the experienced exterminators in Tualatin that can help you assess the pest levels in your home or business with a thorough inspection. We then tailor a specific pest control plan for you specific needs.

We have provided superior quality pest control services in Tualatin and the surrounding areas since 1975. The exterminator that comes to your location will have the expertise to know where to look to root out the insects or rodents plaguing your home or office.

We use proven extermination products and methods that are as gentle as possible on your family and the environment while still remaining extremely effective on the targeted pests.

Why use our exterminator in Tualatin?Exterminator Tualatin

  • We track when you are next scheduled for services so you don’t have to make a separate appointment with us every time.
  • Because we stay on top of your follow-up visits and get to you on time, we stay ahead of the reproductive cycle of pests so they have no chance of returning.
  • We have over 40 years of experience, so we know every type of insect and vermin living in Tualatin and the Pacific Northwest as well as how to get rid of them.
  • Our exterminators are friendly and happy to share information. Ask us whatever questions you want. We proudly take the time to deliver excellent customer care.
  • Our pest control services can be customized to fit any size business or home. We handle everything from small outbuildings to large warehouse, hotels, apartment complexes, and more.
  • We have been around long enough to have become a trusted local business. People know the exterminator we send out will deliver quality services that can be relied on every time.

Contact us now to schedule an exterminator in Tualatin and breathe easier knowing your home or office is free of the health threats spread by creepy-crawlers.