Exterminator Lake Oswego


Exterminator Lake Oswego
Did you know rodents and insects contribute to allergies, respiratory problems, and can spoil foods and spread bacteria? Some eat away at the building materials of your home or office, costing the homeowner thousands of dollars in repairs.

These creepy crawlers pose a serious threat to your home and the health of your family. Family Home Pest Control is committed to keeping you safe with our full-service exterminator in Lake Oswego and the surrounding areas. Our pest control service offers pest control packages that include ongoing services to ensure you stay free of these hazards.

We are able to meet whatever needs you have, including multiple visits to rid your home of the immediate infestation as well as keep on top of the breeding cycle.

Your Comprehensive Exterminator in Lake Oswego

Exterminator Lake OswegoOur experienced exterminators are skilled at inspecting your home and premises to identify the specific pests living there. Every exterminator on our team has been hand-picked for their knowledge. We know how to search for insects and root out the places where they eat, live, and breed. We do not believe in blanketing the whole area with one harsh chemical to kill off anything living. Instead, we tailor our products and methods to the specific types of pests you have around.

After completing a thorough inspection, your exterminator will discuss what he or she finds. We make suggestions for the best pest control plan to rid your home of what we find. We are happy to answer any questions you may have. We want you to feel confident in our pest control process. Excellent customer care is a major part of promise to you.

As a locally-owned company with over four decades of service under our belts, we care about our community. Let us help you and your home stay safe and free of pests. We offer dedicated, quality service you can rely on.

Contact us today to schedule an inspection with an experienced exterminator in Lake Oswego and the surrounding areas.

Some of our most common exterminator services in Lake Oswego include: