Exterminator Gresham

Exterminator Gresham


Insects and rodents not only give people the creeps, many of them are also a real hazard to buildings as well as the health of the people inside them. They carry allergens, spread bacteria, destroy electrical wiring, eat away at wood, and spoil human and pet food supplies. Many times, when you have seen one, there are hundreds, even thousands, more that you cannot see. Or, they may be around without the slightest hint that they are there. Family Home Pest Control is your exterminator in Gresham. Our expert pest control services keep your home or business free of these unseen hazards so you can relax, knowing your home and health are being protected.

The Reliable Exterminator in Gresham

Pest control should be done by professionals with the experience to accurately identify specific pests. Some exterminators use one product everywhere, hoping to cast a large enough net to kill any type of pests. Unfortunately, this cookie-cutter method is often ineffective. Our professional exterminators are skilled at identifying and locating the insects or rodent activity you have in your home or office. We tailor the best methods for exterminating the exact pests that are infesting your location. This ensures long-lasting pest control and also limits the use of products to where they will have the most effect.

Exterminator Gresham

We offer over 40 years of experience as an exterminator in Gresham and the surrounding areas. That means we know what type of insects and other pests thrive in the area, and we know how to treat them. Our professionals will complete a thorough inspection of your home or office and give you a report of what we find. We happily answer any questions you have and will design a comprehensive treatment plan to control the type of pests plaguing your home or property.

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